Which is better, CCIE R&S or CCIE Security?

Posted By: 2019-03-26

Do you know that CCIE certification is the world's most prestigious, highly valuable and the highest paid IT certification! Although many remains confused with CCIE certifications being a very tough job. Many even argue how can they find success in this most demanding career opportunity. Honestly speaking, this CCIE R&S and CCIE Security degree are a lot easier to earn as compared to CCIE other modules. The reason, why these two are easier is because they are the basics of CCIE. Now which one is the better among these two, you will soon figure it out at your own after reading this article. 

Starting with the CCIE modules, basically, CCIE specialization has seven tracks where the professionals learn how to utilize their skills and knowledge to become a part of the network industry. These seven tracks are namely: 

1) Router and Switching, 

2) Security

3) Collaboration

4) Service Provider

5) Wireless

6) Design

7) Data Center

However, as a fresher, you can only choose from "Router & Switching" or "Security" because the other five tracks require a minimum of four to five years (4 - 5 yrs) of industry experience. CCIE Routers and Switching is an evergreen track. But at the same time, the importance of the CCIE Security track cannot be denied as it is almost of the same value as CCIE R&S thus making it bit complicated for a fresher candidate to choose from. 

After going through the whole article, any fresher candidate will be able to specify which course/track among the two suits best to him or her for their future CCIE specialization.  Before moving to the facts list, it will be good to make a thorough comparison of the outcome from both these tracks.


CCIE R&S is the foundation to all of the seven tracks and it is the world's most famous CCIE track among CCIE professionals. The course stuff allows the individual to learn about how to design a network, network implementation, and troubleshooting. The CCIE R&S professional can get a job of a Network Engineer, Sr. Network Engineer, Network Architect, and even a Network Administrator. According to data collected from known sources, CCIE R&S still have a demand of around 300,000 professionals to be inducted in many unoccupied spaces in many multi-billionaire companies.

CCIE - Security:

After earning this certificate, the CCIE professional is entitled to these job titles including Network Security Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Security Consultant. They learn about network designing, its implementation, and security of the network in the CCIE Security track. The unmet demand for CCIE security professionals is still 200,000 professionals. 

The Payscale Company (Compensation Research & Survey) had mentioned the salary compensation of CCIE Security is higher as compared to the R&S individual. However, both the two can have a chance to double their annual earnings within the next three years of the completion of this CCIE exam.  

In the end, here is a quick reminder that both of these tracks have the same importance. Do some more research and choose wisely among the two. It would be much better if you pick that course in which you find yourself involved. This means that you have interests in that specific field and you enjoy your work. If you have interests in R&S then go for it, then don't go for CCIE Security just because of its higher salary stats. And if you do this then I bet soon you will find discomforts in your job. Be prepared for one written and one lab exam which every individual has to pass in order to become a CCIE professional. Good Luck!