CCIE Collaboration Practice Questions

Posted By: 2019-04-03

Before you write the Cisco CCIE Collaboration certification exam, you might have certain doubts in your mind which you need to clear regarding the pattern of the test, the types of questions which would be asked in it, the difficulty level of the questions and time required to complete the questions. There are many Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Collaboration sample questions and demo exam would help you out in removing these doubts and prepare you before you take the test.

The best approach in order to clear your Cisco exam is to challenge and improve your knowledge. In order test your learning and identify enhancement areas with actual exam format, we would suggest you practice with Premium Cisco Collaboration Certification Practice Exam. The practice test is considered to be one of the most important elements of your Cisco CCIE Collaboration Written Exam study strategy so as to discover your weaknesses and strengths, if you want to improve your time management skills and to get an idea of the score you could expect. CCIE Collaboration Certification is considered to be the highest level of certification which would be quite difficult to achieve, unless you have good training courses, which you could online through joining SPOTO.

Cisco Collaboration Sample Questions:

01. Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express data store contains CSQ information?

a) agent data store

b) script data store

c) configuration data store

d) historical data store

e) repository data store


02. Which two VoIP protocols use SDP for describing streaming media sessions?


b) MGCP 

c) SIP

d) H.323

e) RAS

f) cRTP


03. When multiple greetings would be enabled on Cisco Unity Express, which greeting will take the highest precedence?

a) standard

b) closed 

c) meeting

d) busy 

e) internal


04. How are DTMF digits transported in RFC 2833?

a) In the RTP stream with the named events of telephone payload format.

b) In SIP NOTIFY messages.

c) In the RTP stream with the regular audio payload format.

d) In SIP SUBSCRIBE messages.

e) In SIP INFO messages.


05. What is the default treatment of a message that would be left in the opening greeting default call handler in Cisco Unity Connection?

a) It would be sent to the mailbox for the Operator user.

b) It would be sent to the Undeliverable Messages distribution list.

c) It would be sent to the mailbox of the system administrator.

d) It would be sent to the All Voicemail Users distribution list.

e) It would be sent to the General Delivery Mailbox.


06. Which chipset is the PVDM2-32 DSP hardware based on, in Cisco IOS routers?

a) Broadcom 1500

b) C5510

c) C549

d) C5421

e) C5441


07. Which two statements concerning the restrictions for support of H.239 are true?

a) Redundancy for H.323 calls is not supported.

b) SIP to H323 video calls using H.239 are not supported.

c) Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports a maximum of three video channels when using H.239.

d) H.239 is not supported with third-party endpoints.

e) H.239 calls are not supported over intercluster trunks with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.


08. Which definition would be included in a Cisco UC on UCS TRC?

a) configuration of virtual-to-physical network interface mapping

b)  local components and server model (CPU, RAM, adapters, local storage) at the part number level

c) bit-by-bit procedures for hardware BIOS, firmware, drivers, and RAID setup

d) storage arrays like those from EMC or NetApp, if applicable 

e) patch recommendations and configuration settings for VMware software


09. To which QoS tool category does compacted RTP belong?

a) prioritization 

b) marking

c) link efficiency

d) queuing

e) classification


10. Which entity would be signed a Cisco IP phone LSC?

a) Certificate Authority Proxy Function

b) Manufacturer Certificate Authority

c) Registration Authority

d) Enrollment Server 

e) Cisco Certificate Authority

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