CCIE Data Center Lab booking

Posted By: 2019-05-29

Lab Exam Overview

 CCIE Data Center Lab is a two-part eight-hour and a timed based exam that tests the candidate‚Äôs skills in configuring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting a complex data center topology. Knowledge of the configuration and troubleshooting are considered to be important candidates and skills are expected so as to configure and troubleshoot issues as part of the CCIE Data Center Lab exam.

 CCIE Data Center is going to unify the written and lab exam topics documents into a unique curriculum, while explicitly disclosing which domains pertaining to which exam, and the relative weight of each domain.

 The two parts to the eight-hour lab exam are considered to be taken in sequence during the day of the exam starting with Part 1, and later on, Part 2 are:

 Part 1: Diagnostic module is written

Candidates are provided various pieces of information that are similar to information that is provided to a Data Center support engineer that would be assisting a customer finding the root cause of an issue, and similar to information that is provided by someone who has totally stuck the troubleshooting an issue. No device is going to access is in this module.

 This module is going to include the multiple-choice, drag-and-drop style items, and point-and-click style items. The Diagnostic modules which are also known as troubleshoot tickets and it contains a set of documents that the candidate who is consulted in order to be able to identify and understand the root cause of the issue presented. Candidates are needed to analyze and correlate the information so as to diagnose among the pre-defined options provided. This module is considered one hour.

 Part 2: Configuration & Troubleshooting module hands-on

The Configuration and Troubleshooting module are going to tests hands-on practical capabilities. It consists of different scenarios based on one topology. At the beginning of the module, the candidate has a full overview of the entire module; and can make a choice of working on items in a sequence or not. Candidates are not allowed to go back and forth between these modules during the examination. This module is considered of about 7 hours.


The Lab Exam is going to cost which would exclude the travel and lodging expenses. The costs may vary due to changes in exchange rates and local taxes. You are responsible for any fees that were asked by the financial institution charges so as to complete the payment transaction. Prices are never confirmed and are subject to change until the full payment is made.

 Payment Terms

The candidates are needed to make your request within 14 days following the exam date by using the "Request for Reread" link that would be available next to the lab record. A Reread would cost you around $1,000 USD and a Review would cost you around $400 USD. Payment is to be made online via credit card and the Reread or Review will be initiated once the payment is done successfully. You should not cancel the appeal request once the process has been initiated. Refunds are given only when the results change from fail to pass.

 Lab Locations

CCIE Service Provider lab exams are offered at the Cisco locations that are available on their webpage. In addition, Cisco has introduced Mobile CCIE Lab so as to provide candidates access to the lab exam in regions that are without a Cisco CCIE lab location.

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