What is the Best Way to Prepare for the CCIE Collaboration Exam?

Posted By: 2019-07-29

CCIE Collaboration Certification

The CCIE Collaboration certification program is meant for the professionals who wish to be Collaboration Architects, Unified Communications Architects, or Video and Voice Network Managers who would be considered quite responsible for the designing, implementing, and troubleshooting of complex collaboration solutions. Well, definitely the best way to prepare you for the CCIE Collaboration Exam is to join the preparation courses, which would be offered by the SPOTO.

1. Gaining Knowledge from experienced Trainer/Teachers

It is considered to be quite crucial that you gain training from the people who have already done CCIE especially in the Collaboration Track. They will have all the knowledge the experience of giving a CCIE Collaboration as they have given it themselves; they will also know the environment and they have knowledge about what to do and what to avoid. They would share their experience and all the tricks and tips in order to clear the examination in the first attempt. They would let you know about what is important and what wouldn’t be; on which topics you would be needed to spend your most of the time on.

2. Rigorous Lab Training

You should go through rigorous lab training before attempting for CCIE Collaboration Exam. The lab practice is what would make you learn the concepts as well as understand them. At least 5 to 6 hours of lab practice each and every day with a proper training is essential to clear this examination. You are required to perform the least of 500 hours of regular lab training to clear CCIE Lab Examination.

3. Be Updated with Recent Information

It would be considered quite an important to keep yourself updated when you are preparing for CCIE Collaboration Certifications. CCIE Collaboration exam version changes with time and with all of its topics as well as concepts. So you should know which exam you would be preparing yourself for. For CCIE Collaboration Lab Examinations, Lab equipment as well as software needs to be same. When you would be practicing in your lab make sure you would be practicing on the right equipment.

4. Clear Concepts

Networking would be considered as one of such field where you cannot possibly cram things up as well as sit for the examination. This is because the entire networking written examination which would be based on conceptions. The answer that you might have crammed up will be incorrect even if there would be a small change in the question.

5. Understanding Current Topologies

There would be lots of topologies in networking which could come in examination. Yes, you would require gaining the knowledge about them all. But knowing the current topology in significant as well. Sometimes, the same topologies would be repeated for few months or years in the CCIE Collaboration examination. So it is considered quite critical for you to learn each and everything, especially about that one. This would be also helping you to clear the examination a little easily.

6. Don’t rely on single book

Networking is considered to be very vast field, getting the complete knowledge by one book/ person is next to impossible. For CCIEs, don’t rely on one book. There are several books available for it. You would be required to learn as much as you can from as many books as possible. You could learn from Cisco docs, Cisco Press books, or you might even do your own R&D (Research and Development) and lots more.

So, follow these tips and also you need to join the preparation courses which would be offered by the institutions like the SPOTO. When it comes to the CCIE Certifications, SPOTO would be considered as one of the best one.