What is the content of the network engineer exam?

Posted By: 2019-01-18

Network engineer, the exam is a hot topic of software professional exams. How to pass the exam is what the majority of candidates want to know. The following is the battle for the network engineer to prepare for the exam. The network engineer exams are easy to confuse knowledge points. You prepare for the test.Learning this content do favor to your career whether you pass your CCIE  Certification.

Subjects include:

1. Computer and network knowledge, the test time is 150 minutes, written test;

2. Network system design and management, the test time is 150 minutes, written test.


The morning exam is an objective question (75 single-choice questions). Its main feature is that it has a wide range of knowledge and meticulous internal space. However, it is usually not too difficult. Therefore, as long as the review is strengthened in a targeted manner, the probability of passing is very large. . The following is an analysis of the distribution of test knowledge points, the distribution of test questions over the years, examinations and review points, in order to help students grasp the context and trends of the test from a macro level, and formulate a review plan according to their actual situation.


1. Exam order and progress


Go for the easy first and difficult for the last and make sure you can do them right.

Training intuition, believing in the first judgment, sometimes thinking too much, but it is easy to make mistakes.

Don't spend more than a minute on a question.

If you don't or are not sure, make a mark and jump over. Maybe you can see the answer from the questions that follow.

The total time of the answer is controlled within two hours, with appropriate rest adjustments.

Leave at least half an hour to answer the answer sheet.


2. Learn how to understand questions


Look at the options first, then look at the questions, find information about the options, and eliminate the interference information. (varies by person)

Look at the beginning and end of the problem, the beginning will tell you important information, and the end will explain what you want to test.

Pay attention to the last sentence "except"


3. How to make decisions


Don't spend too much time on completely unfamiliar options.

If you can analyze the stage or knowledge area of the question, first exclude the irrelevant options.

When you are doing the problem, first explain the content and the content of the textbook based on the teacher, and finally combine your thinking to answer.

The answer to the question refers to the relative correctness of the option, not the absolute correctness. Do not add conditions to the topic.


4. Answer method and skill


The exams for all modules in the morning are all multiple-choice questions. These questions require candidates to choose a correct answer from the four alternative answers. For such questions, direct-push and screening methods are often used.


Reasoning: first analyze the difference and connection between the four answers given, directly introduce the correct answer according to the content, and then choose the most appropriate answer from the four answers.


Screening: analyze and contrast each of the four answers given, de-authenticity, step-by-step screening and elimination, and finally establish a correct answer.


Of course, there are certain ways to have certain strength, so that you can stand in an invincible position in the multiple choice questions. The multiple-choice test knowledge is broad and detailed, and candidates need to have a certain conceptual resolution. This requires candidates to analyze, compare and summarize in the usual review. There are a large number of multiple-choice questions in the exam, and the scores are scattered. Candidates should have a global concept to ensure that most of the questions are scored. If you encounter a problem that cannot be met, you can skip it for a while, and you will have more questions. The knowledge outline is open. The knowledge structure involved in the interview questions may reappear. At this time, returning to the previous questions will often have a multiplier effect.