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Posted By: 2019-01-22

You can find many Boot Camps online and also other study materials, but none of them are as useful as the Shon Harris CISSP 7th Edition eBooks. Here are basic details regarding the author and the benefits of using this eBook.


Shon Harris, CISSP, MCSE, was a security consultant, a former engineer in the Air Force Information Warfare Unit, an author, an instructor, and former President of Logical Security. Unfortunately, she passed away recently.


She has written two best-selling CISSP books, and have also co-authored Hacker's Challenge and Gray Hat Hacking. Shon has developed a new book series of security, which was being published by McGraw-Hill, which would be sold to corporations, colleges, universities, and professionals throughout the world. This series will be setting the new standards in security education, training, and industry practices.


She is also an active contributor for Magazine of Information Security and Windows 2000 Magazine. Shon has also taught computer and information security to a wide range of clients including RSA, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), National Security Agency (NSA), Bank of America, BMC, and more.


The Shon Harris CISSP Series would bring together all the materials, study, and tools aids you would be needed to pass the CISSP exam. Whether you are a seasoned engineer, a security professional or are looking for a career modification, this is the solution so as to bring your career to new heights!


Our objective is not just to prepare you for the CISSP Certification, but to also provide you with the practical, detailed knowledge and understanding of security topics that will be of valued use in order to you and your company. Their product focuses not only on the areas that are necessary for the CISSP examination but also on a more detailed and practical perspective that would give you competitive skills in the real world as well.


Online Training for CISSP certification

Their superior technology based course curriculum strictly adheres to all of (ISC)² & CompTIA Security+ exam objectives and is going to present to you by leading certification instructors who are engaging and concise in their delivery. You would also learn both the theory and practical aspects of the technologies as well as gain insight into the industry with their expert instruction. Each of the class session is presented in full audio/video motion, with step by step demonstrations of the testing modules so as to ensure that you have fully understood the subject matter. You can also review each subject as needed to reinforce your knowledge and access to educational mentors.


Benefits of Shon Harris Bootcamp:


Shon Harris Bootcamp for CISSP is targeted to the professionals who are having at least five full years of experience in the information security field (waivers may apply), with direct experience in two or more than two of the 8 CISSP domains. The CISSP certification is seen as a requirement for many technical, mid-management, as well as senior management positions in the cybersecurity.


No other boot camp training provider is this dedicated to your accomplishment.

1.    If you’re not completely satisfied by the end of day two, you are eligible to get a full refund.

2.    If you don't pass the exam after attending, they’ll provide you with custom tutoring with a senior information security engineer, at no additional cost.

3.    Plus, students could re-attend for free, as many times as it takes until till they have passed.

They'll mentor and coach you and we won't quit until you pass the CISSP exam!


So if you too want to gain the CISSP certification, this Boot Camp would provide you with the intense training, and then also if you want to clear the CISSP Exam, you could join the CISSPTOP Services to gain the chance of clearing this exam.