How to prepare for CCIE security in networks

Posted By: 2019-03-12

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security or CCIE Security program would be advantageously recognizing the experts having sound knowledge and skills in IT, so as to Architect, Implement, Engineer, Troubleshoot, Support and Contribute their best towards Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions with the usage by using the sophisticated technology and thereby applying their skills towards reducing the modern security risks, threats, requirements and vulnerability.

What should you learn?

Security has always been a concern of all the organizations that are involved in the business. As organizations are expanding their networks and interconnect, the importance of network security has been escalated to the forefront. The markets for skilled network security professionals have never been better as it is now. Remembering that network security is simply security applied to the network, it would be only making sense if you hone your skills on products that are the being mostly recognized in the industry when you are working toward a network security certification.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or the CCIE certifications requires passing the following exams:

1.    400-251 Written Exam 

2.    Lab Exam v5.0

Any examination that would entail proper strategies and planning so as to attempt and clear the forthcoming, examination with utmost determination and diligence. Thus, CCIE is never to be considered as an exception, all you need to have is sound skills, clear concepts and an edge for reasoning and logical questions. When you are left with just 60 days in your hand, the following tips would help you out in gaining this certification:

1.    CCIE Training:

•    Try to get trained from the best CCIE experts; my recommendation would be to join the SPOTO CCIE Club.

•    Learn from their experience, and it might help you to clear your exam in very first attempt.

2.    Maximum Lab Training:

•    It is advised to have at least 5 to 6 hours of training, which is highly recommended.

•    It is again advisable to cover at least 500 hours of regular lab training.

•    Keep Practicing with their practice experiments as much as you could do and try to get it done in the as minimum time as possible.

3.    Remain Updated:

•    CCIE exams curriculums and concepts are a slightly changed day by day with respect to change in the trend and the dynamics of competition, which is prone to subtle changes. Thus, it is advisable to keep yourself updated about the same by following various networking blogs of Cisco.

4.    Clear Your Concepts:

•    Cramming or rot learning won’t be fetching any good in the examination. You need to Understand, Reallocate, Frame and Crack the situations asked are the areas which you are to be judged upon.

5.    Knowing current topologies:

•    There are numerous topologies that could be asked in the CCIE Security examination.

•    It’s thus advisable to have proper knowledge of topologies so as to have a greater edge in the CCIE examinations.

6.    Sound Knowledge with Troubleshooting Skills:

•    We all know that the CCIE examinations are divided into two modules that are written and lab oriented.

•    The Candidates are also required to have strong troubleshooting skills.

•    R&S, security, collaboration or wireless in each and every examination a network would be given, and one has to do the troubleshooting.

•    So, it is preferred to be well prepared for the same in order to solve them instantly.

Hence, CCIE certified individual can diversify oneself in the corridors of international markets. Intense studies and rigorous efforts are the keys to success but, once you have a weighed in, clear it with dedication and determination; you could live a healthy and stress-free future.

If you want to gain this certification, my recommendation would be to join the SPOTO CCIE Club, so that they could help you out in gaining your certification in one go.