Finally, I Got CCIE Number

Posted By: 2019-03-18

The first time I met with SPOTO was two years ago, I was lost the direction to find a new job at that time. When I browsed the recruiting website, I saw BOOTCAMP course by chance and found out that I could join in the real project in this course. I wanted to have a try, then I went to SPOTO to ask for more details at that weekend. The course consultant told me I have to complete learning on CCNA and CCNP before applying for actual practice course, and CCNA course can audition first. So I have tried the CCNA course, which was taught by Dennis and he explained each part in detail. After the audition, I applied for the BOOTCAMP course. It took me much time and efforts to complete the CCNA and CCNP courses.

One and a half years later, I got touch with SPOTO again and told the teacher I wanted to continue learning. After talking with the teacher, he sends me the registration link. Again I started to learn from the CCNA (I almost forgot what I have learned before). I was following the online course and watching the record of video at the same time until completed CCNP. I’ve attended several sharing sessions during this period, then I got the idea of testing CCIE. After attending a mobilization meeting held by Mr. Hu, I decided to become a CCIE (now that did, why not do the best?)

Therefore, I started to learn CCIE. After resignation, I had much more time to learn (must be more than 10 hours a day). I requested to learn theory course and LAB course at the same time, according to the plan of the teacher, I completed theory class, reviewing and doing experiment step by step. It’s time to complete version after the completion of course content. I still remember it took me seven or more hours to practice version at the first time, almost cannot take care of myself. I typed the version once a day (sometimes twice), and I gradually got familiar with the version. I reported to the teacher about my version situation, then he told me I can register for the LAB test. After checking the seat, I found it’s available on July 23 and in early August. But the teacher advised July will be better in case of version change, which made me nervous. It’s less than one month to prepare for the exam. After a short thinking, I asked the teaching assistant, Mr. Chen, to book the seat after a short thinking. I was really motivated after the seat is booked, after all, I didn’t want to waste register fee (more than 10000). In the following days, I was tapping version and TS. What the most important for TS is to form your own way of debugging, so whatever the changes of examination questions, you won’t be nervous and just follow your ways. Finally, the progress for each part is OK, I was preparing for the exam in HK,

LAB exam, Bruce was the examiner. TS and the diagnosis were going smoothly, however, the computer broke down twice when typed the version. After the version test and checking three times, I was sure it was not TR and handed in the paper, say goodbye to Bruce.

I reported my status to the teacher when I was out of the examination room, recorded the experiences and feelings. The next day, Teacher told me to I have passed the exam. Wow, my time and effort deserve.

I always believe that the persistence of a group is easier than the single person, following with a group with strong persistence to learn, discuss and grow together, it’s sooner or later to take the number. Here I want to say thank you to the teacher and each guy in SPOTO, thanks for the company along the way.