How many questions are on the CCIE written exam

Posted By: 2019-03-20

Passing the CCIE written exam is the first step in becoming a CCIE professional. A CCIE professional is entitled to a lot of privileges including high perks and salary, job promotions, 100% job placement guarantee etc. Among the seven tracks of the CCIE certification, every track comes up with written and lab exam. The written exam duration is approximately two hours and there are around 90 - 110 questions for the individuals appearing in the CCIE written exam.

After passing the CCIE written exam, the individual is about half good in practical knowledge of networking specialization. The other half is testing through the eight hours of lab exam with three modules in it. So far the content in the written and lab exam is subject to confidentiality by the Cisco itself. However, the candidates can get the guidelines by going through the Cisco exam information web page. They have provided a clear description of the learning stuff which every prospective candidate has to go through in order to pass this two hours written exam.

Since there are seven tracks in the CCIE certification, however, the initial two tracks require no formal prerequisites, so even a fresher can also take part in these tracks namely "CCIE Routing and Switching" and "CCIE Security".  These are the two evergreen courses offered by Cisco. The CCIE Routing and switching are, in fact, the foundation for every CCIE track.

There are several rumors that CCIE written exam has spelling/grammar issues but honestly, when you appear in the exam yourself, you will find out that there is nothing like that. In fact, some of the questions asked in the exam are a little bit tricky focusing on evaluating the candidate's mental ability to go through the question and solve it accordingly. So whoever is going to attempt the written exam, staying calm and reading the questions carefully will allow the candidate to give a to-the-point answer.

The candidate appearing in the CCIE written exam will fairly evaluate that all the questions asked in the exam are fairly worded with no grammatical mistakes at all. This written exam only requires the proper concentration of the individual. This means that the individuals should only take the written exam when they are hundred percent prepared for this CCIE written exam. Preparation is easy, the individuals are provided with the learning materials when they opt for this CCIE certification.

They can also easily access the learning topic of their desired CCIE track by scrolling down the Cisco official site. Moreover, they can join any boot camp or any recognized training institute which also helps the candidates to achieve their targets by supplementing them with good learning material and trained staff. In addition to this, these institutes also offer job placement guarantees too. The candidate can also choose to buy practice exams from different reputed vendors to evaluate their progress. 

So once you have enrolled in CCIE and planning to take your written exam; make sure of writing notes as they will serve as the basic flashcards in your mind. Many CCIE professionals revealed that it took them more than a year of practice and writing a hundred times to reach their success in CCIE written exam.

Some professionals also recommend taking the CCIE written exam as early as possible so the rest of the time can be utilized for lab exam preparation. But the honest review to take proper time in preparing each segment, do not hassle and appear in the exam only when you are fully confident of passing it. Till that time, keep on preparing as once you pass this written exam this will be a very big step for you in your career move. Passing CCIE written exam means that you have won something special which you are now eligible to write down on your resume too.